2005 Infiniti G35

  • 2005 Infiniti G35

    Infiniti G35
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    • P0345 CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR "A" CIRCUIT (BANK2) Vehicle was brought in to diagnose a CEL illuminated on the dash. Using TRITON D10 diagnostic scan tool I found the code listed above. Vehicle was running but would die while driving and at idle. Ensured that the camshaft position sensor voltage supply to the sensor was sufficient. Ensured a solid ground is also present at the camshaft position sensor connector. Using scanner I monitored engine data and found that the camshaft position % intermittently showed readings and then would show none around the same time the vehicle dies. R&R camshaft position sensor for bank 2 which is on the driver side. Cleared codes. Test drove vehicle while monitoring data and observed that there is a solid response/ reading from the camshaft position sensor. During test drive the vehicle did not shut off. Vehicle will idle for as long as you let it no longer shutting off. Vehicle starts every time ignition is cranked.
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