Alternators and Water Pumps in Albuquerque

Alternators and Water Pumps in Albuquerque, NM

A faulty alternator or broken water pump will sideline your car as fast as a flat tire. They’re not nearly as easy to fix, though! If you’ve got problems with either of these critical components, let the expert automotive technicians replace them for you. We’re able to identify alternator and water pump problems, and get them replaced with high-quality OEM parts, which comes with a warranty.

Alternator Replacement

A failing alternator isn’t easy to ignore. If you have dim headlights, trouble with stalling or other electrical issues, it’s a good sign you need alternator repair in Albuquerque, NM. Your car’s alternator is responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical power. Problems with a faulty alternator make it hard to keep your vehicle running!

We can identify faulty alternators/batteries and replace them with our quality line of interstate batteries OEM alternators. Both parts and labor include a warranty!

Water Pump Service and Replacement

Is your engine constantly overheating? Noticing pooling underneath your car? Is there steam hissing from your radiator? If any of these symptoms are present, perform a pressure test on the cooling system to identify the cause of the problem whether its a radiator or water pump.

The water pump is responsible for helping your cooling system keep your engine in good working order. If we find a leak in the cooling system we can replace those items. In order to keep the cooling system in order, we offer a Wynns coolant flush.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

We offer a wide range of vehicle maintenance programs to include flushes, filter and oil changes which will prevent costly repairs for you! Don’t let these parts give you a headache—call Paradise Hills Chevron today at 505-898-3750 to have them serviced or replaced. We’ll have you back on the road in no time, with an alternator or water pump that works flawlessly.